Comparing Indicators

It’s time to start comparing indicators used in traditional TA versus our Alpha Trading Volatility, Entropy, Probability and Statistics (VEPS) indicators.

Let’s start with Traditional TA indicators

  1. Traditional TA indicators fail on average 70% of the time. They are designed to fail more often than not. And 99.5% of retail traders using them, Get REKT! within 90 days of opening their accounts.
  2. Those retail traders are known as “the dumb money” by folks at investment banks and large High Frequency Trading (HFT) firms and Quant Shops, known as the “smart money”. And those firms run the overwhelming majority of trades on the markets, and make nearly all of the money to be gained in it, by using extremely expensive (multi million dollar) bots engineered by some of the finest algorithmic trading programmers anywhere on Earth.
  3. In order to use traditional TA “properly”, retail traders have to learn how to use a bunch of lagging information tools, then build up strategies and waste time logging silly nonsense, only to have to second guess and counter trade their own indicators most of the time, because again, their tools are not reliable most of the time.
  4. And for this “privilege” of having such failing tools and methods, they typically pay anywhere from $200 – $500 per month, often for one single indicator.
  5. Many Retail Traders spend from $1,000 – $2,000 per month on indicators and courses and sometimes even $3,000 – $5,000 for “premium packages” that include “psychology courses”, “coaching”, “VIP Signals” and all sorts of things that generally fail the vast majority of the time.
  6. Free trials to access these premium traditional TA indicators are usually not available. And once you’ve been sold, good luck getting the vendor to hold your hand and walk you through how to use them, even answering the same questions you might ask over and over again. They’re on to the next sale, because that’s what they live on.
  7. And the communities they offer, are often combative, rude, and unhelpful. Being aggressive towards each other, and especially towards newbies, is par for the course. They wear it like a badge of honor, despite it being the total opposite. And they all have their own way of doing things, because none of them has figured out a single good way, because there isn’t really one.
  8. The only people making money in traditional TA, other than the 0.5% who manage their risk properly, are the ones selling the tools, courses and expensive access to their communities. Any tutorials they offer are incomplete. Any “edge” sought after, is illusory, because no such thing exists when those devices have no quantifiable edge and the tools are built on information that is irrelevant for trading.

Now let’s look at VEPS indicators by Alpha Trading

  1. Alpha Trading VEPS indicators just work and retail traders who use them properly according to what the indicators indicate, win most of their trades.
  2. In order to use them properly, retail traders have to use them according to what the indicators and related authoritative information from Alpha Trading say is likely to happen. Because you can verify the VEPS indicators by Alpha Trading work, you don’t have to second guess the indicators. You don’t have to counter trade your own strategy. In fact, doing so is not recommended. You just do what the indicators indicate. That is, you simply trade according to the probabilities and statistics of the volatility and entropy. You enter on targets and exit on targets. You don’t try to outsmart the market and keep your trade open longer than it needs to be. You don’t try to swing trade highly volatile assets. You get in and out as fast as you can, taking small profits and piling up as many small profits (aka: lil’ buckets of liquidity) as you can throughout your trading session. Those targets are quantifiable and based on proper maths relevant to trading. You remove greed as a factor. You remove feelings from your trading. In short:
    • You Take Profit (Early and Often).
    • You limit your losses.
    • You don’t get emotionally attached to your trades.
  3. Dozens of indicators are included. Not every single one must be used, however, the more information one can process, the better, because all of the indicators are built on maths that are highly relevant to trading. And the more you can filter signal from noise, the better.
  4. All of this is available for just $149 per month ($99 when it’s on Sale). That is literally less than what people typically spend on coffee at any coffee shop. And it’s far less than what traditional TA indicators cost.
  5. When you join Alpha Trading, you join the free side of the community first and you learn how to trade Volatility, Probability and Statistics (VPS) first, with Free Access to the Volatility Starter indicators package that even includes a pre populated chart, an authoritative guide book, tons of reading materials, video tutorials, access to the Live Streams where you can even participate by voice and text chat. And just so that we’re clear, yes, you can actually trade profitably using the Volatility Starter indicators, which again, are completely free to members of the publicly open Alpha Trading discord community. They are that powerful.
  6. And when you subscribe to Alpha Trading’s premium tools, you have the option to try a 2 week Free Trial of more than a baker’s dozen of the premium indicators. The co-founders regularly remind people NOT to buy their indicators at least until they have learned the basics, which are available for free, and even not to try the Free Trial until you have learned the basics. That way you maximize your time with the Free Trial of the premium indicators.
  7. As a member of the subscribers’ group in Alpha Trading, the community welcomes you and you are able to communicate with everyone in the community, including the co-founders. And everyone is happy to hold your hand and walk you through the learning process. Alpha Trading is famous for being not only educational, insightful and willing to give you their time so that you can learn a better way to trade, they do so a genuine friendly attitude, because they prefer to be nice, and are also sick of seeing good people Get REKT! by using bad tools and being in bad communities pushing bad trading ideas against each other.
  8. Alpha Trading does this because they don’t live on selling indicators, courses and expensive VIP group memberships. They are traders. They trade. Some even have careers doing other things when they are not trading. Selling access to their indicators is just a way to keep the freeloaders at bay, and to repay the makers, testers and demonstrators of the indicators some modest amount that they clearly deserve for their time and effort in making the world’s best trading indicators available to Retail Traders on TradingView which is the world’s largest and most popular website for charting assets traded on markets around the world.