About Alpha Trading

So you want to know about Alpha Trading? All right. The Alpha Trading backstory goes like this: Most of the founders of Alpha Trading all knew each other from a trading community they once were in, around 2017 – 2020.

After some years, they all left that community, to join another one, which was also started by someone who had been in that previous community, and which was building tools for trading based on volatility.

While there, the future founders of Alpha Trading learned and discovered some amazing things about trading volatility, that even the makers of those tools had not realized. They also shared their insights in chats, on live streams and in an authoritative document, the first of its kind, which was even given the stamp of approval by the maker of those tools. The exceptional quality of their discoveries and insights and their ability to communicate it were such that even the maker of those tools had called some of the future Alpha Trading Founders the best people he knew at trading this way (scalping delta) using these volatility tools, and also the best at explaining and teaching how to use them, to anyone who wanted to learn how to trade with these sorts of tools.

Some months later, in March of 2021, these four founders left that other trading community, in order to create Alpha Trading. They were nearly immediately joined by two more founders, who helped them build an entirely new set of indicators. What they achieved was the creation of a fully fledged and unique set of volatility, entropy, probability and statistics (VEPS) indicators. And so, Alpha Trading immediately excelled far beyond anything that the founders had used previously.

Our Passion

❤️‍🔥 We are passionate about making the best trading tools and information available to Retail Traders.

🫶We care about the Retail Trader who is sick of losing capital because of bad tools and information shoved down onto the retail traders, from upon high, by people who would never touch traditional technical analysis tools, because they are simply flawed methods of trading that in the long run, see the overwhelming majority of traders Get REKT!

❤️ We love teaching people how to trade using Volatility, Entropy, Probability and Statistics (VEPS), with our amazing tools, built by the best indicator creators in the world.

Our Goals

  • We do this, to help save one trader at a time, from the terrible pitfalls of traditional technical analysis, because that is no way to trade, when you know how to trade the VEPS!
  • We aim to continue to make the best trading tools built for actual traders on proper and highly relevant maths, available to Retail Traders on TradingView and elsewhere (ie: MetaTrader).
  • We aim to make those tools as easy to learn to use and as easy to use as possible, with extremely high rates of confidence, extremely low rates of uncertainty, and extremely accurate probabilities of success for everyone who puts in the time and effort to do what is needed to learn this better way of trading.
  • We also aim to continue to make the fundamental building blocks of these tools available at low charge or no charge (currently there is no charge for our basic Volatility Starter indicators and chart), and
  • We aim to continue to make even our premium indicators available at very affordable rates, far less than other indicator vendors charge for the tools they sell (which are built on irrelevant, usually bad maths, or just pure hocus pocus).

Our Team

Alpha Trading was co-founded by a team of six traders with vast and diverse skills and experience in other fields, based in different locations around the world.

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