• Comparing Indicators
    It’s time to start comparing indicators used in traditional TA versus our Alpha Trading Volatility, Entropy, Probability and Statistics (VEPS) indicators. Let’s start with Traditional TA indicators Now let’s look at VEPS indicators by Alpha Trading
  • VERIFY Our Indicators
    How can I Verify Indicators Work? Here is an example of how and why you can VERIFY our indicators at Alpha Trading by showing you real examples of our VEPS indicators predicting the future accurately, and therefore, you can TRUST that they will work. As seen here on this chart, the 4h TimeFrame (TF) on …
  • Trading with VEPS info
    Trading with VEPS information is what we do at Alpha Trading. VEPS stands for Volatility, Entropy, Probability and Statistics. We focus on trading low time frame VEPS, with an emphasis on these three principles: By reading the VEPS information correctly, and making relatively fast entries and exits, traders reduce risk, reduce uncertainty, and increase the …