VERIFY Our Indicators

How can I Verify Indicators Work?

Here is an example of how and why you can VERIFY our indicators at Alpha Trading by showing you real examples of our VEPS indicators predicting the future accurately, and therefore, you can TRUST that they will work.

As seen here on this chart, the 4h TimeFrame (TF) on Bitcoin (BTC). Look at that move that happened within 3 candles of the last intersect (the double intersect) and it occurred on the latest intersect on the 0 candle, and this very candle is oh so close (but not quite) an intersect on the 30 Powermean indicator with the 11,10 Alpha Trading Reverse Mean of Log Returns (AT-RMLR) indicator. Powerful stuff!

And here as a reminder is what the 4h TF chart of Bitcoin (BTC) looked like the day before, during the Alpha Trading live stream:

You can see that the AT-RMLRs predicted very accurately what the direction of the future RMLRs would be and the returns (if you look at the AT-RO or ALR, for example) moved accordingly and the PA followed.

And here is the 4h TF of Bitcoin (BTC) of the same data set, as seen with the AT-RO and ALR among others, for example:

And that is yet another demonstration that the RMLR is incredibly accurate about showing the Future Direction of the RMLRs. In other words, you can TRUST (because you can VERIFY) that the Alpha Trading VEPS indicators are accurate. This helps to reduce Uncertainty and improves Confidence and the Probability that if you take the trade (on both entry and exit) according to the Probabilities and Statistics that the Indicators are saying you should do … you will probably win most trades.

What is the point of this post?

The idea of this post is to demonstrate that you can trade with our Alpha Trading indicators, without worrying whether or not our tools will work properly.

How are Alpha Trading indicators different from Traditional TA tools?

Unlike traditional TA tools, which by design fail most of the time, our tools are accurate the overwhelming majority of the time, even including our tools that look into the future!

That’s pretty amazing stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

If only I could know the future

Think about how many times you might have thought “if only i knew what is ABOUT TO HAPPEN … I’d be [Great / Successful / Wealthy / Powerful / etc …]” And we literally have tools that let people peek into the future, ACCURATELY. And you can try them for free! You don’t have to make a deposit or give a credit card number. It’s just … FREE!

Why do so few people know about this, let alone use it?

You would think this is the kind of information that most people in trading would want to know, right? In fact, even people not into trading, might be into it, if they knew they could use tools that predict the future accurately, right?

Meanwhile … as of the date of this post, after being on YouTube for years, we still get less than 20 or even 10 views on our YouTube videos. And YouTube swears they don’t mute channels. Mm-hmm. So believable, right? LOL!

The finance industry scam keeps playing.

Fortunately, there is a better way to trade

At least we have this place and these tools, to give us a leg up. Alpha Trading gives Retail Traders a literal quantifiable edge based on maths that are relevant to trading, and that 99.9999% of Retail Traders don’t even know exist.

Where do Alpha Trading indicators work?

Alpha Trading indicators work on TradingView, the world’s most popular charting platform for Retail Traders.

And it so happens that Alpha Trading simulcasts its Live Streams on TradingView’s Streams platform, as well, so you can literally follow along as our traders show how to read the VEPS information in real time on the most popular assets that people trade, as well as plenty of less popular ones, usually by request from people just like you, participating in the live streams, learning, and trading with the world’s best trading indicators available to retail traders.

So how can I verify this for myself?

Want to try our indicators? Join our Alpha Trading Discord. It’s free to join and learn the basics of trading volatility, probability and statistics. You can even get free access to our Volatility Starter pack of indicators, and once you’ve learned those basics, you can even try our Premium Indicators for free, with our free trial offer!